The importance of Balance


From scales, to barbells, to hot chips and burgers;
We all need balance in our day to day lives.

Finding the Balance

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Balance is a very important aspect when it comes to living a healthy, happy life. And its definitely something we all struggle to implement from time to time.

We all know the feeling of being out of whack, or stressed out, and this is most likely always due to being out of balance. 

You are probably thinking, balance… are they talking about the scales? No, we are talking about having the right balance in every area of your life, with your fitness, nutrition, mindset, work life or personal life.

Ok, so your probably wondering how do I find this balance..

The answer is simple, by taking some time out for you, and asking what are you happy about; and what needs to change.

We all have different things that we struggle to find the balance with, whether its with work life play, allowing ourselves to eat that burger when we are on a weight loss journey, allowing ourselves to have some time off social media to re energise our mind, but the most important thing is what we do to balance that area out.

As Health Coaches, one of the best tools we recommend using is the “Wheel of Life”. This tool enables you to rate yourself out of 10 with how balanced and happy you feel about this area. If you say that you feel like a 6/10 with your Health & Vitality, then you have a gap of 4 (meaning you still have work to do, to get from where you are, to where you want to be).

Check it out below and give it a go!

The Wheel of Life:

Health & Vitality 
The power and energy of a healthy, balanced body

Mind & Meaning
Emotional mastery to control how you experience life

Love & Relationships
Create a long-lasting, passionate connection with another person

Productivity & Performance
Doing more in less time, maximizing personal output every day

Career & Business
Professional achievement and fulfilment

Wealth & Lifestyle 
Building personal wealth and living a life of abundance

Leadership & Impact 
Creating real, lasting, positive change in others and in the world

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