Turn fitness into a social event with Group Training and you’ll be

reaping the fitness and health benefits in no time.


Group Training Benefits

Group Training Benefits

Group Training… is it for you? Hell yes!

At ZCF we love sweating it out and being active in our Group Fitness Classes. There is something about smashing it out as a group, that brings so much motivation and empowerment after the workout! You feel as though you have accomplished so much after as a team.

There are many benefits to group training, whether it be accountability, motivation, socialisation and we have put a few together below!



Are you someone that likes to snooze the alarm? Procrastinate whether you should go workout? Group Training is a great way to help keep you accountable as you have your Trainer and fellow class mates waiting for you. Working out with friends is a great motivator. If you don’t show up, you’ll not only be letting yourself down, and your coach, but you will be letting someone else down. Not in the mood to sweat? Message your workout buddy, car pool to class or message your Coach and you will get there!


At ZCF we are constantly building up the women in our group training sessions. Because we know encouragement from an instructor or from your workout buddies can be a key factor in keeping you on track. Remember that it feels good to give a compliment, too, so pay it forward. You may just make someones day, and be the reason they keep powering forward! Damn girl you are looking fit today! hehe.


Another plus with Group Training is the social aspect. You can make friends with similar interests and you may even want to plan workouts together outside of your classes! At ZCF we have such a positive, empowering community of girls, and we love how everyone is friends with everyone. There is no judgement, competitiveness, its all support and encouragement. People arrive early now, so they can catch up with their fellow ZCF Gals Pals! Yassss qween; we love our ZCF Squad.


Group Training is a great way to help keep you on track with your fitness and health goals. One of the added bonuses we find that comes with our 8 Week Group Programs, is the unending amount of support that our babes get. We have our own personalised app, which manages your bookings for the week, we have a personalised group forum on Facebook where we all chat and support one another. We post weekly blogs that are based on nutrition, fitness and mindset tips. And we always take the time after the classes to chat to the girls to see if anyone is in need of some extra help. Coaches aside, we also find our community is also super motivating and supportive. We see the girls on a daily basis posting positive and inspirational quotes to one another. Encouraging them to keep going! Its really amazing.

We also offer Motivational Seminars at the beginning of every program, to help keep the program personalised and supportive. We do nutrition segments, fitness segments and always end the session with an open ended Q&A to help support and answer any questions on the day.


For us, the most important reason to train in a group is because it’s motivating. There is nothing like bringing out your inner competitive warrior, sweating it out next to someone that is smashing those med ball slams or those chin ups. It is so inspiring when you are working out along side someone like that, because they raise the bar for you. We always encourage our girls to go on their own journeys, but to use the person next to you as your motivation, and not as a comparison. Too many people compare their fitness levels to some one else, and feel down. We always say rather than compare, use this to fuel your fire. Only when you do this, will you reap the real benefits of Group Training.


Reap the benefits of a group fitness class, with personalised 1 on 1 service at an affordable price. At ZCF we make sure our group fitness classes are personalised, by capping our classes at 20, so that our gals can have a personal experience with a tailored program, at an affordable price. So many women think in order to achieve great results, you need to do 1 on 1 Personal Training. 1 on 1 PT is great if you are wanting a more personalised program that is tailored specifically for you, however if you are wanting to get fit, socialise, and do it along side a wolf pack, you will gain all the benefits of a PT experience, just as an affordable Group Training Program.



You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, you’ll work hard and in no time you’ll be finished and feeling ready to face the world. Whether it’s a heavy-weight loaded HIIT class or a sweaty boxing class with your partner,  it’s definitely more fun when you work out together. Interested in joining us for some Group Training sessions at our ZCF HIIT Studio in Cromer?
Group Training Northern Beaches

Group Training Northern Beaches

Email zannacoxfitness@gmail.com and check out our class timetable here!

We hope to see you soon in the Studio xx

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