So it’s nearly that time of year again – time for Spring Cleaning and freshening everything up before Summer. But while you clean your house, it’s also the perfect time to clean your body with a Spring Cleanse!

Spring is the time for growth and renewal and is the perfect time to renew your body for the busy months to come, get rid of the toxins and rejuvenate after the long winter months.


Here are Zanna Cox Fitness’s top 5 tips for detoxing this Spring. 


1. EAT GREEN: Spinach, parsley, kale, peas and fennel are your best friend! The chlorophyll from the leaves feed the blood, and help your body achieve balance, leaving your body rid of toxins, making you feel cleaner.

2. ELIMINATE: Get rid of sugar, alcohol, wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy. Try keeping your body as clean as possible and eliminating these allergens will help you feel sooo much less bloated and lively!

3. GET MOVING: Of course eating clean is the no.1 priority when detoxing, but getting moving and exercising comes a close second! Start by a few gentle walks and build yourself up to a few intense ZCF sessions per week.

4. SPICE THINGS UP: Add turmeric to your stir-fries, soups, slow cooked meals and veggie juices. Turmeric has become the evidence based medicine hero of calming inflammation. No inflammation = no excess weight gain!

5. GO NUTS: Nuts are full of amino acids and are protein rich, which is perfect for building lean muscle mass. They have no sugar and will also leave you satisfied for longer. A perfect way to cut out those 3pm sugary snacks!

Interested in detoxing before Summer? Come join us down at ZCF HIIT for a free 7 day trial!
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Blog Post by ZCF Blogger Claudia Rosati 


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