While bloating is usually temporary and may not be anything to be alarmed about, it can cause discomfort and allow your confidence to decrease. Here are our 5 favourite foods to help beat that dreadful bloat! Say goodbye to puff-inducing protein bars and hello to….


Beat the bloat- Zanna Cox Fitness


This is number one on our list because its so minimal in calories and has a low glycemic index. Cucumbers are rich in two flat belly necessities: water and fibre. These keep us fuller for longer and also kick start our digestive system. Ready to beat that bloat? Stock up on these green babies and hello flat tummy!


Part of the carrot family, this high fibre flowering plant is a diuretic that reduces our excess storage of water, so consuming it is a wonderful way to prevent bloating. Fennel seeds can help relax the gastrointestinal tract, which allows gas to pass naturally, alleviating bloating.


These little green spears offer a hefty source of probiotics. Because of their fibre content and anti-inflammatory action, they can help balance the digestive system, reduce the bloat and reduce gas. Try stir frying asparagus with some lemon and garlic to beat that belly bloat!


Consuming ginger before a meal can help stimulate digestion which prevents over eating and post meal bloating. Ginger also helps to treat inflammation and can allow blood to flow through the whole of our body and increase our internal heat, burning more fat.


A natural antioxidant rich in fibre and low in calories, papaya can aid in weight loss and even help fight cellulite. Papaya encourages the digestive system to flush out toxins and helps alleviate constipation. Bye bye bloat!

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