Foods to help you grow your ASSets

Foods to help you grow your ASSets

2018 is all about the BOOTY!

We all know that to grow that toosh, you need to do squats, dead lifts and donkey kickbacks on the regular,

but did you know that there are certain foods that will help your booty grow even more?


Booty Babes

How to grow your best assets

Check out our top recommendations below with how you can grow one of your best assets, your Booty!


Nuts:  Packed with good fats and tonnes of protein, keep these in your diet and you will feel your glute muscles growing. Our favourites include walnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios.


Eggs: These bad boys help you to power through your ZCF sessions plus help build and repair muscle.


Fish: Full of omega 3-fatty acids or healthy fats, fish is a great protein source and will help you keep up a high calorie intake, which you need to grow a bigger booty. Tuna and Salmon are two of the most popular choices.


Chicken: We love chicken because it is so versatile and has less cholesterol than red meat options.


Oatmeal: Oats are probably one of our favourite foods. We love oats with berries, in a smoothie or in our protein balls. Not only do oats help increase muscle mass, but they also help reduce heart attack and type 2 diabetes.


Quinoa: We love having a quinoa salad for lunch or dinner, packed full of amino acids and protein, this super food keeps you full and your booty thick, long after you eat it.


Avocado: Our favourite post training Saturday brunch meal would have to be smashed Avocado on toast. Full of monosaturated fats, amino acids and fibre, what’s not to love?


Eat your veggies: The secret to growing a bigger but requires eating the rainbow. Reach for heaps of leafy greens, tomatoes and broccoli to build a perky behind.


Combine these foods with a few ZCF Booty Classes in the HIIT Studio in Cromer and reap the benefits of some perky ASSests at the beach or in your skinny jeans!

Come join us and sign up with a friend and receive one week free! 

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