Get back to flat! How to beat the belly bloat

Get back to flat! How to beat the belly bloat

With Summer around the corner I think we can all agree that we want to burn that extra little bit of weight around our middles to rock that bikini on the beach!

Beat the belly bloat

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However, getting rid of that stubborn tummy fat is never as easy as it may seem! Here are ZCF’s top tips to beat the belly bloat and get back to flat!


BEAT the Belly Bloat with less salt:

This one may seem simple but trust me; you will be seriously shocked by how many common meals contain heaps of salt. Salt isn’t just bad for your heart but also makes you retain water. In particular, steer clear of high sodium snacks like cottage cheese, bacon, soy sauce and chips.

BEAT the Belly Bloat + get gulping:

Another win win is drinking water. Not just good for glowing skin but filling up on H20 can help you to prevent hydration, constipation and water retention. If your serious about getting rid of that belly fat up the anty by eating more watermelon, celery and cucumbers.

BEAT the Belly Bloat + fill up on Fibre:

Fill up on berries, avocado, kiwi, beans and whole grains everyday to help everything move through the intestines more quickly. This will help to prevent bloating and constipation.

BEAT the Belly Bloat + increase your Potassium:

The more potassium rich foods you have the less bloated you will feel. Try asparagus, citrus fruits, melon and tomatoes everyday.

BEAT the Belly Bloat + Get Moving:

Daily physical activity can help blast the fat from all over your body! Try a few HIIT sessions a week in the ZCF HIIT Studio and for some serious core burn try one of the ZCF ab classes and watch that six pack appear!


Beat the belly bloat

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