Getting in your Greens!

Getting in your Greens!

We all know it, we have to get in those 5 vegetables per day. But like you, we struggle – sometimes it is soo hard! So here are a few of our easy, healthy hacks on how to get your greens in everyday.


Green goodness - Zanna Cox Fitness

Green goodness – Zanna Cox Fitness

Green Smoothie.

Try getting at least one or two green smoothies per day. Make these in bulk, ziplock the ingredients and freeze them for another day. #timehack

 Bliss Balls

Make yourself some delish bliss balls at the start of every week with some greens powder added to them. Perfect for that 3pm pick me up!


Beef your work salad up with the colours of the rainbow and some protein. The best thing about salads is that they are low calorie so you can really bulk them up, which will leave you full and satisfied until dinner.

Greens Powder

Taking a greens powder is one of the easiest ways for you to get your greens in. Pop the powder in a smoothie, a dip or take them as a shot first thing in the morning to hit your greens goals.

Lettuce tacos

Fear not, we aren’t asking you to get rid of your favourite taco Tuesday, rather just substitute those high calorie taco shells for lettuce leaves! Another serving of veggies for next to no calories!

Rice Paper Rolls

Next time you are getting your Thai takeout or food court meal, instead of going for deep fried spring rolls, order some fresh rice paper rolls instead. Packed full of veggies, these are a fantastic alternative for a quarter of the calories

Get Scrambling

Do you love your scrambled eggs or omelette in the mornings? Add some fresh spinach or kale into the mix. This will keep you full until lunchtime, packed full of protein and fibre.

What are your healthy greens hacks? Let us know or tag @zcfitness__ in your green creations!


We love our greens!

We love our greens!

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