In case you didn’t already know, your skin is a reflection of your health, both inside and out. Today we are combatting the 6 most common skin issues and how we like to treat them.


Glowing Skin Tips - Zanna Cox Fitness

Glowing Skin Tips – Zanna Cox Fitness

We’ve all been there before, tired puffy eyes, the odd pimple (or two), dry or irritated skin and an oily AF complexion. Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies and tells us a whole lot more than whether we need a suntan or not.


Puffy and Tired Eyes

This one is pretty simple; sleep needs to be higher on your priority list for clear glowing skin! Other factors can include a deficiency in nutrients or a lack of hydration in the body. So remember to be drinking at least 3 litres of water per day, having your fresh vegetable juices every day and avoid coffee and alcohol as they are dehydrating.

Dry Skin

Moisturisers just not cutting it, no matter how much of the stuff you lather on? You may need to look into whether the soaps you are using are too harsh, or your skin is reacting to the harsh climate you are in (e.g. incredibly hot or cold weather). An indoor humidifier is a good way to keep skin at optimal hydration, as is a natural moisturiser or soap such as Cetaphil. And how could we forget WATER!

Forehead Pimples

These are the worst aren’t they? And always seem to appear right before a hot date or important party or event. You may be experiencing congestion in the liver and stomach. Cut out the caffeine and processed foods and opt for more leafy greens. You may also want to invest in some liver cleansing tablets, hair skin and nails supplements and a probiotic for the gut!


Glow from the inside out!

Glow from the inside out!

Acne around the mouth and jawline

You may be intolerant to dairy, or are eating too much for your body to process. Try to cut down on the dairy (we love soy and almond variations) and you will seriously notice a difference in your skin.

Dull locks

Your hair not looking as lush as it once did? Perhaps you haven’t got enough protein in your diet. A diet full of iron and fatty acids will help you look like goldilocks in no time. Try pumpkin seeds as a 3pm snack, cooking with coconut oil or eating more avocados.

Chin breakouts

Ever get a cheeky breakout right before your time of the month? US TOO! Generally this is related to stress and your hormones. Treat your body to some rest and sleep during this period and invest in some maca powder and vitamin B for the hormone imbalance.


Glowing Skin Tips - Zanna Cox Fitness

Glowing Skin Tips – Zanna Cox Fitness


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