Gym Anxiety? Tips to overcome your fitness fears

We’ve all been there; trying out a new Gym or Fitness regime can be daunting.

And as fun as these classes are, we get it! Here are a few little ways to feel confident AF rolling into your new fitness program


Gym Motivation

Just do your best


Don’t Sweat It

You are already going to be sweating like crazy at the Gym during the session, so why stress out beforehand? What you tell yourself before the class makes all the difference. Remind yourself that there is a reason you started in the first place and that you will feel amazing afterwards!

Research, research, research

Know what you are getting yourself into. Research the class and the instructor so you are a little more familiar with what will be going on.

Arrive Early

Try getting to the class 15 minutes before it starts, finding a good spot in the room and having a chat with the instructor before starting. This will help get you familiar with the fitness class, calm your nerves and will make you feel a lot more comfortable!

Deck yourself out in some new active wear.

What could get you more excited about starting a new fitness regime than rocking some new gorgeous active wear at the start of your journey?

Bring A Friend

There is power in numbers, right? Bring a buddy to ride out that uncomfortable first class with you.

Contact Zanna Cox Fitness & ask for advice about the best program for you

Not sure on where to start? Contact Zanna Cox Fitness before starting your program for advice about the most suitable program for you. Starting the Group Fitness Program in the Gym? Ask for the best classes suitable for beginners. Not up for Group Fitness? Ask about the options for 1 on 1 Personal Training! Prefer to train Outdoors? Ask about our Outdoor Fitness Options!

Gym Motivation

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