Healthy and Hot!

Healthy and Hot!

Now we aren’t talking about you
(or are we?)

I like big healthy cups and I cannot lie


Here are our favourite drinks to keep us toasty this winter
without ruining our health kick.

Almond Milk Hot Chocolate:
A healthy alternative to everyone’s favourite hot chocolate, this one will feel like a sweet treat without the calories and nasty preservatives of a traditional hot chocolate. Simply mix up a teaspoon of Cacao, with some hot water, almond milk, teaspoon cinnamon, maca powder, maple syrup and a dash of rock salt! YUM!

Hot Lemon Water: Great for flushing the body of unnecessary toxins and is a great way to stay warm and toasty this season. #winwin

Ginger Tea: Perfect when fighting off a cold or flu or if you are in need of a little warmth

Chamomile Tea: Hello immunity booster!

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea: This one is great to get rid of bad breath, a sore throat or digestive issues. If you want a bit of sweetness add a little bit of cinnamon to your cup, this will also help manage blood sugar levels.

Coffee: We could never forget this one! Try to opt for lower calorie or lactose free milk if you are looking to cut your calorie intake. Our favourites are a soy or almond alternative.

Almond Milk Chai Latte: Cinnamon, ginger and cardamom – what’s not to love? Just be wary of store bought alternatives as they are usually laden with preservatives and hidden calories. We prefer to make our own brew so we know what we are having.

Green Tea: We drink this brew morning, noon and night year round. With so many fab health benefits you would be mad not to!

Healthy Hot Cacao



What is your favourite warming drink in winter?
Let us know, or #zannacoxfitness on Instagram to share your

creations with the rest of the ZCF squad!

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