Life Coaching

Empowered women

Empower women

As a professional Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Peak Performance Speaker, Zanna is on a mission to empower women world wide through the power of their mindset. She is passionate, driven and motivated with one goal in mind, to help get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Are you ready to transform all areas of your life?

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Life Coaching Packages

Empower Yourself Package
3 x 2 hour Life Coaching sessions with NLP
Journal & Empower Yourself Book
Unlimited Email Support 1 month
Sessions average 2 hours
Mind & Body Transformation Package
8 Week Challenge for Body & Mindset
4 x 1 hour Personal Training sessions included
4 x 1 hour Life Coaching sessions with NLP included
$400 Program Pack included FREE (exercise/healthy eating programs)
Book, Journal, Vision Board included FREE
Unlimited Email/ SMS Support 3 Months
Hourly Rate: $100.00
Sessions average 2 hours
Transformation Package
6 x 2 hour Life Coaching sessions with NLP included
Outcomes guaranteed in enhancing positive thinking, shifting negative belief patterns & goal setting
Book, Journal, Vision Board & CD included FREE 
Unlimited Email / SMS Support 3 Months
Sessions average 2 hours


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