The best ways to measure your fitness results

Your looking good, your fitness levels are up, you’re feeling fab and fitting your clothes better. You feel amazing, right?

And then you jump on the scales and realise you have only lost 200 grams.



Measure your results- Zanna Cox Fitness

Measure your results- Zanna Cox Fitness


We’ve all been there and it is the worst feeling in the world. Instead of being disheartened by the number on the scale here are 6 ways to measure your fitness results that effectively measure your results, not just how much you weigh.



Before every round, we always ask our ZCF girls to measure their waist, hips and abdomen as we find this is a fantastic way of measuring progress, as opposed to the bathroom scales. Another great way is to measure your body fat with a dexa scan! This is an accurate way to track how much muscle you have gained and how much fat you have lost.

The fit of your clothes

You may not weigh considerably less but if your clothes are fitting better you are doing something right! Another great motivator is buying a fabulous new pair of jeans or a little dress before our Challenge and see how you fit into them the end.

Keep A Journal

We’ve said it before, journaling is a great way to keep both the mind and body active, focused and energized. Start each week with some goals, whether it be an amount of sessions at the gym, foods that you eat or don’t eat or the amount of water you drink in a day. You will be surprised how easy you find it keeping to these goals at the end of the two months, than what you did at the beginning.

Before and After Photos

This is a big one – definitely one of our favourite ways of measuring progress is taking a photo of ourselves front, side and back on to see the changes we make over time.  Try taking these photos in a bikini or gym shorts and sports bra and take the same photo in these same clothes 30 days later.

Fitness Test

Set yourself a series of workout challenges at the beginning of your challenge, for example, a timed sprint, as many burpees as you can do in one minute, a minute of squats or a plank until failure. Record your results and do the same test 30 days later and see how much your results have improved over time.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Track your sessions and measure your results after each workout with a Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor! At ZCF HIIT we love seeing our heart rate up on the screen throughout our sessions as it brings so much more motivation! We always recommend that our ZCF Babes purchase one of these before commencing our program, as it is the most accurate way to measure the intensity of each session, based on your effort, heart rate and calories!


Interested in joining us for a sweat sesh or for a 1 on 1 goal setting session to help you track and measure your results more effectively?

Contact us today and come and join us at our ZCF HIIT Studio in Cromer to take part in our next 12 Week Challenge, starting June 25th!

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