Top 6 tips on how to start your day

Start your day right

Miracle Morning

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Dread that alarm going off?

Do you feel sluggish and unmotivated to start your day? At ZCF we are all morning people and love seizing the day early in the AM! Here are our top tips on how to start your day feeling fresh!


1. – Put your phone across the other side of the room – This is probably the only way I manage to get out of bed to turn off my alarm, because its on the other side of my bedroom and I have to physically get up to turn it off. Once I’m up there is not much point crawling back into bed.

2 – Set your intention the night before that you are going to wake up feeling great – The thoughts we have before we go to sleep, determines how we feel first thing in the morning. Set the intention before you go to sleep, that you are going to wake up feeling fresh and energised!

3- Start your day with a workout- How we start our day is how we spend our day. At ZCF we love starting our day smashing out a sweat sesh in the HIIT Studio! Sweating it out with our community always brings positive vibes for the day ahead! Less stress, more energy and a clear mind are just a few of the benefits of being an active early riser.

4 – Plan a cute AF outfit – Cute active wear and a sassy work outfit gets me out of bed in the morning. Ready to SLAY!

5 – Drink warm water with lemon – Drinking a tall glass of warm water with lemon does all of these amazing things for you first thing in the am.

-Cleanses the liver and kidneys

-Alkalizes the body

-Helps skin look healthy and radiant

6 – Tee up with a friend and come to a ZCF class! I am defiantly a morning exerciser. There is nothing more satisfying to me than smashing a killer session whilst everyone else is in bed! ZCF has so many amazing classes on every morning you will be spoilt for choice. Choose from Ab fit, Goddess Warrior, Booty burn and Tabata threat just to name a few of the 5.15 and 6.15 morning classes available.

Want to start your morning right with the ZCF squad? Send us a message today and grab your free pass!


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