How we start our week, is how we spend our week!

Check out our top 6 tips with how you can kick start your Monday Motivation!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation


Never miss a Monday Workout:

How we start our week is how we spend our week, which is why we love starting the week off smashing it out with the ZCF Squad in the Studio. There is nothing more motivating than setting that alarm for Monday morning and getting your workout done before the sun comes up. It honestly sets you up not only for your day ahead, but for your entire week! ZCF TIP: If you make this a weekly ritual to never miss a Monday, you will always achieve this.

Set out your cute active wear on Sunday night:

We know it can be hard jumping out of bed early on a Monday morning, which is why we love setting out our activewear the night before, so that we can literally wake up and workout! Knowing that our cute activewear is already prepped and ready to go, is super motivating to get up and go!

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail:

We are sure you’ve heard that saying before but trust me it is true! Spend an hour or two cooking up a storm on a Sunday afternoon with fresh and tasty meals for the week ahead.  This always leaves us excited to get through the week and eat all of our tasty treats. Another great way to plan your week is to book in your classes for the week ahead with a buddy! This always motivates us knowing that our sessions are booked in and that we also have a friend to smash it out with!

Write some goals and intentions for the week but make sure you set rewards too:

Make yourself some goals to hit through the week. Whether it is 5 x gym sessions, a 1kg weight loss, a beach walk or a dinner date with friends. Make sure to write some priorities each week to make you motivated about the week ahead. Then once you have achieved these goals, reward yourself with a hot stone massage, a pedicure, a wash and blow dry, some cute gym gear. Plan and organise something nice for yourself, to make you feel more inspired and motivated to achieve your goals the following week!

Kick start your Monday morning with a hot water and lemon:

Perhaps you had a few too many hot chips, glasses of wine or pancakes over the weekend, so come Monday make sure to detoxify your body with a hot lemon water, glass of chlorophyll and herbal teas. This is a great way to freshen up and release any stored toxins from those cheeky weekend cheat meals!

Eat a nice protein packed breakfast to fuel your body for the day ahead:

Wake up first thing Monday morning and fuel your body with something nutritious and tasty to set you in a good routine for the rest of the week. Our favourite? A frozen banana and protein smoothie, or oats, fresh berries and a small teaspoon of organic peanut butter. This is always a great go to post workout breaky to fuel our muscles after Monday morning Ab Fit or Booty Blast!

Have any more Monday rituals you would like to share? Let us know!

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