New year, new you. Goal setting tips to get the most out of 2019.

New year, new you. Goal setting tips to get the most out of 2019.

A new year brings with it new opportunities,

new resolutions and new goals for the year.

If like the majority, you struggle to get motivated for a new year;

 here are a few goal-setting tips to get excited over.


  1. Get organised: Girl, you need a plan of attack! Take the time to plan your week and start planning how you are going to reach your goals. Buy a cute planner from Kikki K and organise your workouts and meals, spend 2 hours prepping healthy snacks and meals for the week ahead. These organisation tools seriously work wonders!
  2. Go shopping: Any excuse right? Head on down to your local shopping centre and get decked out in some seriously cute new gym threads. From Lorna Jane tights, a cute new water bottle, some new Nike sneakers and some fresh boxing gloves.. .there isn’t anything more motivating!
  3. Accountability: Team up with a buddy, tell them your goals and yours theirs. Having someone keep you in line and cheering you on is the best way to make sure you don’t slack off after a couple of weeks.
  4. Pre plan your workouts: Book in each of your gym classes at the beginning of the week and schedule them into your calendar like you would any meeting for work, you wouldn’t cancel on a client right? So don’t cancel on yourself!
  5. Take photos: Take progress photos so you can visually log your progress over the coming few weeks.
  6. Self love! Stop picking out all those things you hate about yourself. Instead, be kind to yourself! Learning to love and nourish us is one of the best ways to beat that holiday slump.


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