14 Day Vegetarian Plan


Are you tired of calorie counting & following strict dietary guidelines ? This 14 day vegetarian meal plan is designed for you to follow as a healthy lifestyle rather than a fad phase. It is a great plan for those wanting to achieve fast results with weight loss or toning at a very affordable price of $39.95. The plan has all of the basic, necessary nutritional requirements to help your body achieve & maintain a healthy, active life as a vegan. The plan will enable you to function at your ultimate best with the proteins it needs to build & maintain lean, toned muscle. It will be great for improving overall health, building the immune system and helping with general weight loss as the plan will include a lot of beans, lentils, quinoa & wheat protein powder. If you are also following an exercise program on this plan it will be awesome for building lean muscle, toning and lowering body fat. Clients have achieved some fantastic results following the vegetarian meal plan with fast weight loss, increased energy & ooverall gaining a stronger, healthier immune system.