Reset, Reboot – Revitalise with a Juice Cleanse

Reset, Reboot – Revitalise with a Juice Cleanse

A cleanse can help you detox, shed weight, rebuild on the cellular level and bring out your skin’s natural glow.

It’s also a great way to reboot your health and kickstart a program for healthier living.


Juice Cleanse with Zanna Cox Fitness

Juice Cleanse with Zanna Cox Fitness

Juice cleanses are designed to give you an all over revitalising boost. While your digestive system gets a rest from heavy meals and processed foods, your body gets a super infusion of healing nutrients. Check out out top 6 tips for surviving your 1-3 day juice cleanse!



We recommend starting your day with hot water and lemon and then having 6 juices per day; drinking them in 2 hour increments with herbal teas in-between.



When you juice fast, you have to make a conscious effort to drink enough fluid throughout the day. The key to juice fasting is hydration with all the natural minerals. So, what helps with hydration, and how much is enough?

For “meal times” (breakfast, lunch and dinner), it is very normal to drink about 17-27 oz (approx. 500ml to 800ml) each time in place of a solid food meal, and it can be quite filling.

Drink your juice slowly and enjoy the taste, don’t gulp it down. Drink only as much as your body can take at any one time, comfortably. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it wants more, or if it’s got enough.



In between meals, continue to drink juices alternating with pure drinking water. It is fine if you keep going to the washroom as this allows your body to flush out the unwanted wastes from your body. Juice fasting is also about keeping your body alkaline.

You achieve this by drinking fresh juices. Don’t make the mistake of going the “artificialway”ofdrinkingalkalinewater. Alkalinewatermayhelpintheshort- term but can be harmful in the long run. Read more about what type of water to drink.

When you are experiencing healing reactions (lethargy, headaches, light- headedness, joint pains, etc.), these are signs that your body is detoxifying, expelling old toxins, throwing them temporarily into the bloodstream for it to be eliminated. This is what fresh juices do. So make sure you up that H20 babes and get those toxins flushing!



Store up on caffeine-free herbal teas to be sipped between “meals” as snacks. Peppermint and chamomile teas are excellent in reducing the feeling of bloatedness.

Oolong tea is good for those who want to lose weight. Rooibos may also be an excellent source of antioxidant.

Juice Cleanse with Zanna Cox Fitness

Juice Cleanse with Zanna Cox Fitness


Limited yourself to light exercise such as walks, yoga and stretching g. Your energy levels will change when on a juice cleanse, so pay attention to what your body needs before exercising.



You can get creative and add other liquids to your juice fasting. Some examples are liquid chlorophyll, or mix spirulina /chlorella powder into your juice/water and drink.

And be mindful not to add any pulp into your beverages is to prevent your digestive system working. This will keep your body burning the low-grade stored fat, so that you will not feel hungry.

Any protein, fat or pulp taken when you’re juice fasting will cause your digestion to restart, causing you to feel hunger pangs and a little discomfort.

For any extra help or guidance about starting a 1-3 day juice cleanse, email zannacoxfitness@gmail.com for more info today!

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