Time and time again we see fitness models and athletes on social media with a protein shake in hand, but do we really need it? We’ve done the research!


Benefits of Protein Powder

Benefits of Protein Powder

If you are looking to lose weight, build muscle and get lean, then yes –

we recommend you get on the protein shake train – and here is why!

Weight loss:

Did you know that protein is more satisfying than carbs or fats? This means that a serving of protein is going to keep you fuller for longer! Studies have even found that men and women who are overweight loose more total weight when they add extra protein to their diets, as opposed to those that did not.

Muscle Growth:

Don’t freak out – you aren’t going to become a body builder after a few protein shakes.  In fact, for most women adding protein into your diet is going to help you tone up more, and become leaner than what your previous diet did.

Struggling to hit your nutritional goals:

Sometimes it can be hard to get all the nutrients you need in a day, even when you are having healthy balanced meals. So, a protein shake after your workout is a great way to fill your dietary needs that you may have been lacking.

What is great is at the moment, there is so much variety in the protein and powder market – so even if you aren’t looking for a protein powder you are bound to find another power to help your overall body health!

At the moment, we love the Glow Inner Beauty Powder from The Beauty Chef. This little blend helps to improve gut health and skin rejuvenation. We have been adding this baby to our smoothies and through our healthy desserts and can’t wait to reap the benefits of good gut health and healthy glowing skin.


Glow Inner Beauty Powder - The Beauty Chef

Glow Inner Beauty Powder – The Beauty Chef

What is your protein hack? Do you have it after a shake, in protein balls or in a smoothie or breakfast bowl? Let us know and tag @zcfitness_ on Instagram!

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