Christmas and New Years! The lights, the tree, the presents, family and friends, the food and the drinks! It is truly our favourite time of year however the silly season can come with its challenges – like how do we stay on track with our health and fitness goals? Here is how the ZCF team stays on track during the silliest time of year!


Be the designated driver:

Boring I know, but I can assure you that after party after party you will be happy to give your body a rest from all the cocktails and champagne. So sit one or two Christmas parties out off the booze and save the calories!

Limit the number of choices on your plate:

It’s simple. The more options you have the more you will over eat. Instead of eating every type of potato and every type of cake, pudding and chocolate that’s on offer, just pick your favourites. Give into one or two temptations instead of overzealous sampling.

Keep your hands full:

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the yummy treats being passed around at a Christmas party. So try to keep your hands full because when holding your purse and camera, it is almost impossible to also hold a plate of snacks and a cocktail.

Eat before you go out:

Instead of wasting calories on unsatisfying canapés or party pies, fill up on a good quality meal before you leave for a night out. You won’t be absolutely famished before you arrive and get tempted to eat every snack in sight.


For every glass of bubbles you have, make sure to have a glass of water or mineral water after.


Did you know that ZCF are open all Christmas and New Years break long? So you can come and kick ass all summer long and not loose all your fitness gains over the break!

Surround yourself with like-minded people:

At ZCF we love doing life with people that are on a similar path to us, so we can all help motivate and inspire one another to live a healthy, active life. One of the main things we find really helps us when it comes to staying on track, is surrounding ourselves with other like-minded people. If you are wanting to stay on track this festive season, try and spend time with similar people to you! Because after all, we do become like the 5 main people we spend most of our time with.

Look after your liver with a Christmas Mocktail:

There are so many delicious beverages that you can enjoy over the festive season, that aren’t alcoholic! You just need to find the right ingredients. Check out one of our favourite mocktail below!

1 Pinch of Mint

Half cup of Soda Water

1 Splash Cranberry juice

2 oz Pink grapefruit juice

1 squeeze of  lime
Blitz everything and enjoy over ice !


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We will be OPEN and would love to help keep you accountable over the festive season!

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