5 reasons why strength training is AMAZING for your health

5 reasons why strength training is AMAZING for your health

The notion that strength training will make you bulky or is only for seasoned athletes couldn’t be further from the truth!


Strength Training Benefits

Strength Training


Not sure whether you should lift?

Here are a few reasons why we love using those dumbbells in our ZCF HIIT Studio in Cromer!


  1. You lose body fat – um hello! Need we say anymore? As you build muscle from strength training, your metabolism also increases. Meaning that you will burn more calories all day long.
  2. Strong not bulky – So many women tend to think lifting weights will make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. WRONG! Women develop muscle definition and strength from lifting weights and helps for a lean, toned figure. 
  3. Improves posture – Weight training strengthens almost every part of your body, from your shoulders, arms, back and core. Thus helping you walk taller with your shoulders back and keeps your spine straight. This also helps lower back pain
  4. Endorphins make you happy – I think we can all agree, there is NOTHING better than leaving the studio knowing that you just killed your workout. Training releases endorphins, naturally relieving stress, anxiety, improving alertness and boosting your energy.
  5. Strong bones – Did you know that up until the age of 35 women build our bones, but after this point the density begins to decline? As women age, we become increasingly susceptible to osteoporosis and bone loss, leading to fractures and pain in later life. Strength training has been shown to increase bone density over time and can help slow the process of bone loss in later life.


ZCF Personal Trainer

Lauren Papworth- Strength Trainer


So now you know why weight training is SOO good for you, why don’t you come down and try out our Women Only Gym in Cromer!

Our ZCF Personal Trainers offer a variety of strength classes such as Tone’n’Define, Pure Strength, Booty Blast and Tabata Threat! And we love how every class is so different.

So whether you are wanting to work your triceps and biceps in T’n’D, drop that peach in Booty Blast, or smash out a sweaty weighted circuit in Pure Strength,  we have strength classes to suit everyones fitness and health goals!

Interested in joining us and want to try out our strength classes at our Women Only Gym in Cromer or at our Outdoor Strength Boot Camp Class on Dee Why Beach? 

Email zannacoxfitness@gmail.com today for a free 7 day trial pass!

We would love to have you join us!! xx


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