The Perfect Macrobiotic Meal 

The Perfect Macrobiotic Meal 

Like you, we all struggle to maintain a healthy diet and sometimes find it hard to have a balance between nutrients, fats, protein and carbs. However we do find eating a wholesome macrobiotic diet is the best way to maintain optimum health!


One way we try to stay on point is with a macrobiotic diet which is full of the good stuff our body needs to thrive and perform at its peak condition. So, what is a macrobiotic diet?


The macrobiotic diet has long been known as one of the best ways to live, due to the diet’s amazing healing and health benefits.

This diet places a strong emphasis on eating a small amount of animal products (small amounts of fish are encouraged) and minimises the intake of dairy. Largely, this way of eating includes a diet of whole grains, fruits, legumes, beans and PLENTY OF VEGETABLES.

We find this way of eating, delicious, satisfying and find that it provides us with plenty of fuel to get through work and training everyday.


So what does a day on a Macrobiotic Plate look like?


Oatmeal: Not only does this tasty breakfast warm you up on a cold winter morning, but it is so tasty and SO FILLING! Beef this bad boy up with some banana or strawberries and add an added crunch with pumpkin seeds or other nut alternatives. Trust us, this will keep you full and energised until lunchtime comes around.


Salad: Enjoy a salad with tofu, beans or legumes and heaps of vegetables. You are allowed to eat kale, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, and carrots daily on this program. So load your salad up with an array of colourful vegetables.


Fish with vegetables and brown rice: This diet allows fish 2-3 times per week, so we enjoy non-fatty white fish, with a good helping of greens plus some carbs like brown rice. Get creative with your fish and enjoy a different spice variety each night.


Raw nuts are a great way to satisfy that 3pm hunger craving, we also love hummus with celery or carrots, another option is dried fruits – but be careful not to overindulge!

Interested in opting for a more plant powered macrobiotic diet? Hashtag #ZCFitness and show us your delish macrobiotic meals!

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