Our top 6 fav snacks when you are on the go 

Our top 6 fav snacks when you are on the go 

We get it you’re busy! Whether it is with rushing to and from work, spending time with your family and with friends, date night with your partner, getting the kids from activity to activity and then working out; finding those snacks that are quick and easy to make, filling, low cal and nutritionally sound is so HARD.


Healthy Snacks

Chia & Oat Jars

To avoid you picking up that banana bread, a mars bar or sneaky packet of chips, here are Zanna Cox Fitness’ top 6 fav snacks when you are on the run. Are you ready to step up your snack game?


  1. Carrot and Hummus – Carrots are a great low cal option and hummus is high in protein. This veggie and dip snack will keep you full and satisfied until lunchtime.
  2. Low fat yoghurt – Try yoghurt like plain Chobani. It’s low in fat and high in protein. Team it with some fruit like banana or berries and see you later 3pm sugar cravings!
  3. A healthy Smoothie – A protein smoothie with banana, almond or soy milk, some frozen yoghurt and honey is the perfect snack to get in those healthy fats. Just be careful not to go overboard with fruit and sugar.
  4. A piece of fruit and a handful of nuts – This little duo has everything you could want in a snack. Healthy carbs, fibre, healthy fats and protein. Trust me you will be satisfied for longer without going OTT on the calories.
  5. Rice cakes with peanut butter- YUM! Rice cakes are a great low cal, high protein snack that you can grab on the run. Go easy on the peanut butter though, its addictive!
  6. A hard-boiled egg – At only 70 calories a hard-boiled egg is an easy, protein-rich snack. Time hack: Meal prep a few of these bad boys at the beginning of the week, and keep them on hand when those hunger pangs strike.



Healthy Snacks

Meal Prep

Do you want more snack-spiration? Check out one of our favourite Nutrition Coaches Jessica Sepel!



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