Want a peach for Summer? You’ve come to the right place!

Want a peach for Summer? You’ve come to the right place!

Right now at ZCF we are in total summer shred mode, in particular we are working on having peachy behinds to rock our cheeky bikinis this Summer.



Here are a few of our favourite exercises so you can reach your #bootygoals.


1 / Squats

Squats are one guaranteed way to grow a booty! In fact we would almost say that this exercise is the QWEEN of booty burners. Not only is it a great movement for strength but it can also be taxing on the cardiovascular system. #winwin

If you aren’t game enough to use weights yet, this exercise is still effective using your own bod. Do around 4 sets of 25 reps and start to feel the buuuuuurn

2 / Glute Bridges

Now this is one exercise you will see a lot of in our booty classes at Zanna Cox Fitness. Remember to squeeze your glutes as you perform this exercise to ensure you are working your behind to its full potential. If you want to up the ante, use a weight plate or a loaded barbell for an added challenge.

3 / Cursty Lunge with a kick back

If you’re like me and a little uncoordinated, you might have a little trouble keeping your balance at first with this one, however once you get the hang of it, you will reap some serious booty benefits.

4 / Deadlifts

Not only does the deadlift train the booty, but also this exercise targets almost every muscle in your body. Like squats, this exercise takes some practice to master the form, so make sure you have an expert nearby when giving it a go.

5 / Hip Thrusts

Haven’t tried this one yet? You’re missing out! Hip thrusts are one sure fire way to build a booty and should be on anyone’s gym to-do list if they are looking to grow their assets.

Come check out one of our Booty Blast classes at our women only Gym in Cromer and put your toosh in expert hands!

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