What’s in our gym bag? ZCF’s top 10 workout essentials

What’s in our gym bag? ZCF’s top 10 workout essentials

Ever wondered what’s inside the ZCF team’s gym bag?

What's in our gym bag? ZCF's top workout essentials

What’s in our gym bag? ZCF’s top workout essentials

Here is your sneak peek into our bags, so you can see the products we buy
and use everyday to keep ourselves in peak physical condition!

Spikey ball:

These little guys don’t look like much but trust us when we say they are KILLER! We love using these to stretch out our bodies after a long and tough week of ZCF studio sessions.

A Heart Rate Monitor:

I’m sure you have seen these being used in the studio before and there is a good reason why they are SO popular. We love using our Polar H10 Monitors in the Studio as they are so motivating and also a fun way to get a little bit competitive with your friends.

Resistance/booty bands:

These are one of the best ways to fire up your glutes and legs during a session and a guaranteed to give you the perfect peach! Keep an eye out for our ZCF Booty Bands that are coming soon! YASS!

Protein Powder:

Too little protein can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue, so we always aim to have a serving of protein in the first 30 minutes after our workout. We love the taste of pea protein in a shake, smoothie or bowl of oats. Oh! And our all time favourite shakes is the Green Tea X50 Chocolate Pea Protein or the Bioglan Probiotic Breakfast smoothie!

A ZCF Hustle Hoodie:

If we are feeling a little chilly before our early morning or evening sessions, we love being able to throw on our ZCF Hustle Hoodies! Not only are they warm and super cosy, we love being able to rep the squad from the ZCF HIIT Studio in Cromer, to the street! Interested in purchasing one of these babies? Click this link and lets get you repping our ZCF Squad! 

Pre workout:

If we are feeling a little sluggish before a workout, a scoop of pre-workout into our water bottle sure perks us up and keeps us smashing it out during our session. A personal favourite of the ZCF Coaches is EHP Labs Oxyshred as it is both a pre workout and fat burner. WIN-WIN!

Boxing gear:

Girls, this one is ESSENTIAL if you are planning to attend our boxing classes. We recommend investing in a good quality pair of boxing gloves and gel curved thai pads (Like Morgans or Twins), plus hand and ankle wraps to keep yourself protected. Oh and keep an eye out for our ZCF Boxing Gloves that are coming soon!

Running shoes:

So often we see girls coming into the studio wearing inappropriate footwear. Girls, for intense cardio and HIIT sessions you are doing yourself a disservice wearing Nike’s or shoes with minimal support. Your feet need protection and support during these kind of sessions – we recommend On Running shoes for these classes.

Cute sweat towel and water bottle:

With all the sweating you are doing you need to replenish those fluids right?

BCAA’s Supplement:

BCAA’s are great for that post workout sweat as they help speed up recovery, help reduce lactic acid build up and help reduce muscle soreness.A personal favourite of the ZCF Coaches is EHP Labs BCAA’s – Passionfruit! Check it out babes, it is the bomb! Need more help with your recovery? Try also using an ice gel or heat gel on your muscles daily; plus some magnesium to speed up that recovery!


Gym bag essentials

Gym bag essentials

Motivate yourself before starting a new round or even a new week by treating yourself to a few of our favourite gym essentials!
Preparation is the key girls to achieving those gain in the ZCF HIIT Studio!

Show us your workout gym essentials by tagging @zcfitness__ on instagram!  

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