HIIT Training is all the rage now, and heres why!


It helps you burn more calories in less time

Lets face it, we are all time poor these days, and struggle to even find the time some days to pick up our almond latte in the morning. With our lives getting busier by the second, exercise can tend to be the last thing on our to do lists. Which is why we love smashing out HIIT (high intensity interval training) as we are able to get in and get out, and burn more calories in less time. I mean, who wouldn’t want that style of training in their lives! Am I right? Yass!

The after burn is real…

Did you know HIIT Training enables you to burn calories for hours on end, even after you have finished your workout? What a way to KILL THOSE CALS! Where do I sign up?!HIIT Training boosts your metabolism and fires up your body like no other, leaving you burning through those cals for the entire day! HIIT Training shakes up your metabolism and forces your body to go into sugar and fat stores to find the necessary energy to not only get through the interval, but also for several hours following the workout. In other words, in order for your body to come back to its normal place (“homeostasis”), it requires extra time and extra oxygen which leads to extra fat burn. It’s that simple.

Helps improve your speed and endurance

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a full body explosive workout which involves alternating between short bursts of super intense work with low intensity recovery, which is the perfect combination for increasing speed and endurance. Gone are the days of spending hours on end on the treadmill.. staring aimlessly at the clock. Up your game with a 45 minute HIIT workout and you will be smashing through those sessions like no tomorrow! Hashtag #weaponmodeon

It can actually reduce abdominal fat

If you are someone that struggles to tone up those abs, then HIIT Training is for you! Alternating between short bursts and recovery elevates the heart rate and is great for dropping body fat, especially in the abdominal area. Which means HELLO ABS! Come try out one of our Ab Fit Classes and get that toned core in our 12 Week Winter Challenge starting June 25! Spring Prep Game Strong! #givemeabs


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