Why we love Tabata training and you should too!

Tabata… sounds like an exotic cocktail or something doesn’t it?  We wish it was.



Tabata Threat

Up for the Challenge? Come try one of our most popular classes, Tabata Threat!


But trust me this form of training is something to get excited about. This type of training consists of timed intervals that alternate between 20 seconds of max effort, before 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 or more times. Think this sounds easy? Trust me, its not! This type of training will shred you like nothing else – here are our 5 reasons why we love tabata and you should too!


It shreds fat!

This type of training is short – but trust me it certainly isn’t sweet. These high intensity intervals are aimed to burn tonnes of fat, plus helps improve bone density, which is a great combination when you have a weight loss goal.

Perfect For The Time Poor

Don’t have the time to smash our a 1hr session everyday? No problem! You can do as little as 4 minutes of Tabata per day to feel the burn.

Helps To Preserve Muscle 

Tabata has been shown to help preserve muscle, even when you are trying to shred the kilos.

No Equipment Needed

You literally have no excuse not to try tabata as it virtually takes no time and needs next to no equipment.  For example a killer tabata sesh could include a series of push-ups, squats, med ball slams and skipping.

Raises The Metabolism 

With such intensity, tabata will raise your metabolism almost immediately. As your body tries to keep up, your metabolism significantly jumps which is great it you are looking to burn fat. Not only does your body do this during the session but also after, meaning you will be burning fat for hours after your session.


Have we convinced you? Come try out one of our Tabata Threat classes in the ZCF HIIT Studio in Cromer and see what all the fuss is about!
Email zannacoxfitness@gmail.com for a free 7 day trial pass! xx

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