Why ZCF HIIT is more than just a gym- it’s an Empowering Community of Women!

Why ZCF HIIT is more than just a gym- it’s an Empowering Community of Women!

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Yes, hitting the gym and reaping the rewards is amazing, right? But what we love most about the ZCF HIIT Studio is that it is sooo much more than just a Gym, and here’s why!

An Empowering Community of Women

When we ask our ZCF Babes what they think didn’t work about going to a conventional gym, was that they simply felt like they were training day in, day out without much motivation, encouragement, support or guidance. There is nothing worse than being just a number right?

What we love so much about the ZCF HIIT Studio is the empowering Community and friendship that it brings. Each and every one of our girls has found so many fantastic friendships during their time training with us, that you simply don’t get at a larger gym.

Variety of Workouts

Our 12 Week Programs are perfect for the everyday woman looking to get fit, lose weight or tone up. Our sessions are programmed to suit ALL ages and fitness levels, and tailored to suit a wide diverse range of fitness and health goals.

With over 25 HIIT Classes each week, our Programs are guaranteed to offer you an awesome mix of Strength & Conditioning, Boxing and Tabata Interval Style Circuits! Oh and they will be seriously sweaty as our workouts in the Studio are based around HIIT (high intensity interval training) as it gets real results, FAST!

For example if you are looking for a cardio killer our Box Fit classes are for you or if you want to build some lean muscle, look no further than Pure Strength to really feel the burn!

Personal Approach

With the option to do either Personal Training or Group Fitness, all of our sessions are guaranteed to give you a personal approach. Our Group Fitness sessions have a maximum of 20-25 women in each of our classes, so you can rest assured that you won’t just be another person in the class! As each and every participant receives a personal approach to their training. No more poor form and aching bodies from doing a movement incorrectly, our experienced team makes sure that everyone is getting the most out of their sweat sessions!N

Nutrition Support and Guidance

Choosing what to eat to help you get closer to your goals can be challenging. Here at ZCF, we have a variety of meal plans, guidance and community groups bursting with advice and recipes to help inspire you in the kitchen. So gone are the days of feeling confused and not supported with your nutrition!

Interested in joining our ZCF Squad and want to come join one of the most empowering communities of women on the Northern Beaches? Come join us for a FREE 7 Day Trial! What’s involved in our 45 minute sessions? Circuit Training, Strength Classes, Kick Boxing, HIIT Classes and more!
Email zannacoxfitness@gmail.com or call 0404 054 027 to book in!

Get in quick! Limited spots available


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