Winter-proof your waistline with our winter workout tips

We’ve all found ourselves at the end of winter with that coat of chub that we didn’t have at the start of the season. Here is your winter workout survival guide.


Winter Motivation with Cleo Harper

Winter Motivation with Cleo Harper


Layer wisely:

Sass up that winter workout wardrobe with a cute new vest, some new tights and some long sleeves workout tops. If that isn’t motivation, then I don’t know what is! We love going to Cleo Harper, Lorna Jane, Lululemon and Cotton On Body for a little bit of retail therapy.

Wear tight clothes:

Yes, this is to show off that hot body but helps to increase circulation in the legs, helping you perform and recover quicker in the cooler weather.

Prepare a warm and yummy breakfast for after the session:

Prep yourself a warm and nutritious breakfast for after your workout. We love oats and a big cup of tea.

Go straight from the gym after work:

If you are a night owl, go straight from work to the gym for a Group Fitness Class so you don’t have time to get cosy in your ugg boots, crank up the heather and have a cuppa before going to your session.

Book a mid winter escape:

Book a sunny escape smack bang in the middle of winter. This is a great way to motivate yourself to stay in shape, knowing that bikini weather is just around the corner.


Winter Motivation

Winter Motivation

Toughen Up!

Girls, we have it pretty lucky here in Australia and it actually isn’t THAT cold! A positive mindset is all you need to get yourself out the door. Plus another bonus is all of our Group Fitness Classes are held inside our HIIT Studio in Cromer, so from the moment you walk in, your all toasty and warm!

Buddy Up

Joining a club or starting a regime with a friend is one of the best ways to blast away those winter blues, making it more enjoyable and sociable. Why not buddy up over Winter and come join us for some Group Training or PT in the HIIT Studio!

Be Kind to yourself!

Be kind to yourself and your body – after all wellness is just as much about your mind as it is your body. Have a nice hot bath, a big cup of hot chocolate and make sure to get enough sleep.


Winter Workout Motivation - Cleo Harper

Winter Workout Motivation – Cleo Harper

What tips keep you motivated to keep those winter kilos at bay? Let us know!

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