We all know that when it comes to achieving REAL RESULTS fast… its 80% nutrition, what we are whipping up in the kitchen and putting in our mouths.

Which means in order to see some serious changes, we do need to reassess what we are putting into our body, more so at times, than how many classes a week you are doing.

Why? Because eating unhealthy, just slows down your progress; and can somewhat defeat the purpose of sweating your guts out.

We know some people say “I train to eat” but realistically it all comes down to what your goals are, and what your wanting to achieve after your 12 weeks. So if you are you someone that is wanting to see some serious results after this 12 weeks, especially with your weight, it is essential that you are getting your nutrition under control, so you can achieve optimum results!

So lets not let another 3 months go by, without getting on track with your NUTRITION aswell as your fitness. Because eating healthier WILL give you more energy for your workouts and you will then get more out of your sessions in the Studio!!!

Here are our top 12 tips with how you can stay on track with your Nutrition, to get the most out of your 12 Week Challenge!

1. Meal prep: Fail to plan and you PLAN TO FAIL!

2. Detoxify your body with hot water and lemon first thing every morning.

3. Avoid fatty and salted foods.

4. Grill and steam all of your meats and vegetables.

5. Drink 2-3 litres of water daily to flush out toxins stored in fat tissue!

6. Drink herbal teas like lemon and ginger, green tea.

7. Avoid or minimise: Sugars, sweets, chocolates, jams, white breads, pastries, deep fried foods, alcohol etc.

8. Eat Plenty of: Vegetables: Broccoli, kale, rocket, spinach, carrot, bock choy, asparagus, sweet potato, beetroot. etc. And fruit; berries, apples, kiwis, bananas, pears, mangos oranges etc.

9. Eat whole grains: brown rice, black rice, brown bread, quinoa, oats.

10. Choose plant based for protein sources: Legumes: Beans, lentils and chickpeas.

11. Eat more good fats: Avocado, nuts and seeds.

12. Track your calories using ‘My Fitness Pal’. This is a great way to see how much or how little you are eating on a daily basis, and will certainly help speed up those results by keeping you accountable and on track!

Want to know more about how you can achieve some amazing results with your health and wellness? Get in touch today and we would love to help you make some nourishing positive changes!

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