Zanna Cox Fitness is a Personal Training and Group Fitness Company that is located in Cromer on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. They are well known as the transformation specialists, providing high quality training services that motivate, inspire and empower women to achieve their goals through exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching.



Zanna Cox Fitness offer Personal Training and Group Fitness programs in the ZCF HIIT Studio that are inspired through the training style of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)! The Studio offers over 28 HIIT Classes each week with a variety of Strength & Conditioning, Boxing and Circuits with programmed methods to help women achieve a strong, toned, feminine figure.


The workouts in the Studio are based around HIIT (high intensity interval training) as it gets real results, FAST! HIIT training enables you to burn more calories in less time, helps improve your speed and endurance and it also helps to reduce abdominal fat. The sessions involve alternating short bursts of super intense work with a low intensity recovery – which is suitable for all fitness levels and ideal for anyone that is chasing a fast fat burning result.


Zanna is a driven, motivated, ambitious Coach that is passionate about health, fitness , personal development and life coaching.

She is a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Life Coach because she is passionate about changing lives and helping people to grow and become the best they can be.

Zanna has a range of qualifications so she is able to cater to all of her clients needs individually. She is passionate about learning and wants to continue expanding her knowledge so she can continue providing outstanding service to Zanna Cox Fitness and her clients.

+ Certificate III and IV in Fitness
+ Certificate in Nutrition
+ Diploma in Life Coaching
+ Master Practitioner in NLP
+ First Aid
+ Certificate in Marketing & Advertising
+ Diploma in Marketing & Advertising

Nicola Toumazos, ZCF COACH

Nicola is a positive, outgoing and dedicated Coach that is passionate about health and wellness. She specialises in helping women achieve a toned, feminine physique and loves helping women to look and feel more confident. Lauren achieves fantastic results with her clients through her training style of HIIT, Kick Boxing, Circuit Training and Strength and Conditioning!

She is passionate about combining HIIT with kick boxing and loves mixing up her workouts with different combos and exercises!

Nicola has a range of qualifications so she is able to cater to all of her clients needs individually.

Interested in booking in some Personal Training sessions with Nicola?

+ Certificate III and IV in Fitness
+ Senior First Aid


Emma is a bright, energised, motivated Ambassador that is passionate about fitness, health and nutrition.

She is passionate about supporting women on their journeys and is always there ready to lend a helping hand throughout the sessions.

Emma is a great mentor in the ZCF community and a great motivation and support to those around her, which is why we love having her on the ZCF Team!


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