Exercise and mental health

Exercise and mental health

Did you know that studies have shown hitting the gym can be as effective as therapy? Here are just a few reasons why we think exercise is so important for our mentality!

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Shared activity: We love our ZCF BABES! There is nothing we love more than seeing the girls every morning down at the ZCF HIIT Studio, smashing our goals and lifing each other up. If ever we are feeling low, it is guaranteed some smiling, positive faces will boost our energy and mood almost instantly.

Sense of accomplishment: There is a reason why the ZCF Personal Trainers set those (horrible) fitness tests in our Group Fitness Classes at the beginning of every round. Although we may die during that first set of tests, there is nothing more empowering than smashing your back squad, dead lift, sprint or burpee personal best 12 weeks later.

It helps you get a restful nights sleep: Have you ever noticed that a workout during the day helps you get a sound nights sleep that night and feel more energised during the day?

Stress relief: Exercise is proven to release stress and tension, boost mental energy and enhance wellbeing through releasing endorphins. Trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than kicking the s*** out of a boxing bag at Box Fit after having a tough day dealing with your boss.

Exercise helps you think more clearly: Whenever we are feeling like we are stuck in a rut or stressed out, our first thing to do is get to the ZCF HIIT Studio for a 45 minute workout. Exercise pumps blood to the brain, helping us to think more clearly and remember things more easily than we could prior to getting our bodies moving.


You can reap all of these benefits with just 30-45 minutes of exercise per day. So what are you waiting for? Come get moving and get happy with us at our ZCF HIIT Studio in Cromer today!

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